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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries.


  2003.10.21  21.58

From self-surrender to your eventual release to a Half-Way House, and to the final leg of your journey, Supervised Release, this book will help you prepare.


  2003.09.15  23.47

100% effective at stopping the government from reading your pet's brain.


  2003.09.08  12.20

"My kittie is a spoiled rotten little princess."
PS These crumbs are not for consumption!

Thanks broomster!


  2003.09.08  03.50

1960: the glory days of fonts for emergency supplies!


  2003.09.08  00.56

"A great addition to any midget collection!"


  2003.09.01  22.43

No, seriously... You had me at gore.


  2003.09.01  21.39

That isn't a sea monkey on the side of that tank, is it?