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unusual auctions

odd things that people try to sell online

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Welcome to odd_auction on live journal.

The purpose of this community is to showcase, discuss, and laugh at all of the unusual things that people try to sell online. If you see a weird, unusual, or funny auction, send in the link!

Suggest links here:


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How is this auction odd or funny to you? (brief is good)


What do I have to do for posting access?

odd_auction is semi-open. Anyone can join and anyone can suggest a link. In fact, everyone is encouraged to send links in via the web form as often as they find odd auctions of interest. However, the moderator is who posts. You still will get credit for the link if you submit your user name but posting is restricted:

1. So people are not mindlessly promoting their own auctions.
2. So there isn't a list of kangaroo-scrode handbag auctions posted.

What kind of auctions should I suggest?

Don't be shy, any odd auction that you find, we want to see it! Send it in through the form above.

Why can't I view auctions from old posts?

Some auction sites only archive their listings for a certain period after an auction has ended (thirty, sixty, or ninety days). We do not archive them yet so unfortunately the link might be dead.

Where are you hosting your images? Are you stealing bandwidth?

No. We do not steal bandwidth. We have arranged for web server space and the photos are kindly hosted at gophoria.com. Be sure to give them a visit. They created a great search utility that allows you to return google, dictionary, and thesaurus search results from any web page with just a couple of clicks... and it's free too!

Many thanks to them for hosting our images.

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